Laying a place at the table for Identitii Ltd (ASX:ID8)

Identitii Ltd (ASX:ID8) has developed a product, Overlay+,  that uses a private blockchain to store sensitive information related to corporate payments. The company has one customer, HSBC. The software supposedly improves the efficiency of cross border payments which can take up to 10 days in cases where manual processing is necessary. A point of difference with Identitii's software is that it sits on top of existing systems and so installation is not too disruptive.

There is a capital raise coming and profitability is a distant possibility so I have only laid a place at the table for ID8 (representing 1% of the AU Portfolio). Three prospective customers are at contracting stage and if the company were to win another major bank then I would add to my position. Hopefully, ID8 turns up to the soirée.