The Stocks I Wish I'd Never Sold (AU Portfolio)

These aren't the only stocks I've been guilty of selling too early, but they are my biggest regrets. Stocks are listed alongside my initial purchase price and date of purchase.

ALU - $2.17 May 2014
NEA - 46.5c Aug 2014
RFT - 0.4c Jul 2014
ANO - 3c Apr 2016 (pre 10:1 consolidation)
PME - $5.35 Jul 2016
A2M - $1.95 Nov 2016
PNV - 21.5c May 2017
ELO - $2.34 Aug 2017
AD8 - $2.02 Aug 2017

This group represents less than 5% of the total number of stocks that I have ever held and the majority of my sell decisions have been correct. These are the sells that linger in the memory though, often leading me to think that one of my weaknesses is failing to hold positions long enough.

These are all particularly fast growing businesses with sustainable competitive advantages. Such traits are rare and few of the other stocks I have sold share them. Perhaps this is the takeaway, but I can't help wondering how much of my forgone gains are as a result of price inflation rather than value creation. That examination is for another time.


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