Final Score

This will probably be the last entry for a while and last week's portfolio update will be the final post of its kind. I have set up a small private investment company and will be writing monthly reports for that from now on.

The internal rate of return (IRR) for my personal account (AU Portfolio) since buying my first ever stock in November 2012 is 34.3% before tax and including franking credits. IRR does not account for cash and because I have been trading from my day-to-day bank account it is nigh on impossible for me to use a time-weighted approach that would include the effect of holding cash. The above IRR figure is also not audited. Going forward I intend to address both these issues and create a reliable performance track record.


  1. Cheers for running the blog as long as you have mate. Is the investment company going to open to the public/interested long-term investors?

    1. Anyone interested can use the contact form to get in touch though I'm mainly focused on establishing an audited record for now.


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