Doubling Down Under

For some reason I thought that it would be difficult to continue running an Australian portfolio once I leave the country. Turns out it isn't and so I have made changes to my ASX portfolio given I no longer intend to liquidate at the end of this tax year. The previous version was highly diversified by sector to try to control volatility given the short time period for which it was originally intended. The new version contains just six positions - 3 growth stocks (SMP, PPL & BCC) and 3 value stocks (ASH, PAC & ADH). These are the stocks I think are most underpriced and I'm done with filler positions.


  1. Seems you can revive the ASX unlisted fund again :)

    1. lol, would you really want that though Ash given my PA is down about 10% in the past week!

    2. I don't read too much into weekly numbers that's too in these times.

    3. should add that I am still intending to eventually switch all our money to UK stocks for tax reasons but I will take more time to do so. This is because I want to take advantage of UK ISA wrapper but the amount you can add per year is limited.


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