Eagle Eye Solutions Group PLC (LON:EYE) buys Untie Nots and seeks to fulfil a prophecy

Eagle Eye Solutions Group PLC (LON:EYE) recently acquired Untie Nots, a French marketing software company which services major retailers. Untie Nots' software enables its customers to set bespoke "challenges" to their customers to earn monetary rewards. To earn these rewards, consumers have to spend  a specific amount on a branded product. The challenges can be tailored based on the buying patterns of individual customers and are paid for by the brands. The returns generated from the solution are highly attractive to both the brands and the retailers. Untie Nots is a French country and currently has no presence outside of mainland Europe, but has landed the likes of Carrefour in its homeland. Meanwhile, Eagle Eye is currently strong everywhere but mainland Europe. If Eagle Eye is successful in selling the Untie Nots software to its global blue chip customer base then it will have fulfilled a prophecy I made back in 2019. Back then I wrote:

"However, its customer base is reaching a scale where it is becoming attractive to brand owners who typically sell their products through retailers and restaurants. It is possible for these brands to run promotions across Eagle Eye's platform tapping into the underlying consumer base to gather meaningful data. This is attractive to Eagle Eye's existing customers because the brand usually pays for the offer and may pay additional fees on top. There is the potential for this dynamic to become self reinforcing with the platform becoming increasingly attractive to brands as the underlying subscriber base grows, in turn making it more attractive to retailers who gain growing access to brand marketing budgets. I don't know if this will happen, but think it is worth hanging around at these prices to find out."

I'm usually wrong so it is all the sweeter when I get one right and Eagle Eye is shaping up to be one of my best investments.